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Weird Exoplanetary System Dances To the Beat

If there’s one thing to be said for the Kepler mission, it’s certainly turning up some very strange new worlds.

Recently, the mission has spotted a Tatooine-like exoplanet; it’s found evidence for a “phantom” world; spied a tightly-packed six-pack and even found an exoplanet darker than coal.

Now, a sun-like star — called Kepler-18 — has been spotted with a super-Earth and two Neptune-like worlds orbiting it.

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Killer Asteroids: We’re WISE to You Now!

NASA’s WISE mission has tracked down 93 percent of the 1 kilometer diameter or larger asteroids whose size could devastate our planet. The project’s asteroid census has revised the total number of NEO’s down from 36,000 to 20,500.

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Most Accurate Cosmos Simulation

The Bolshoi simulation is the most accurate cosmological simulation of the evolution of the large-scale structure of the universe yet made.

Source: Univ. of California, Santa Cruz

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Astronauts Wanted: NASA to Recruit More Space Travelers

Fear not, wannabe space travelers … NASA’s gonna keep recruiting. Better work on your extra-curriculars!

NASA will start accepting applications for new candidates for its astronaut corps in early November, the space agency announced Monday (Oct. 3).

Selections for the new astronaut class, which will be the 21st group of space travelers in the agency’s history, in 2013, agency officials said. The newly minted spaceflyers will then begin training in August 2013 for long-duration missions to the International Space Station, as well as destinations in deep space.


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Physics Nobel Explainer: Why Is Expanding Universe Accelerating?

More than a decade after prize-worthy find, dark energy still baffles.

What goes up must come down. Few on Earth would argue with the fundamental law of gravity. But today the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three scientists who uncovered a dark side of the force.

New Nobel laureates Saul Perlmutter and Adam Riess of the U.S. and Brian Schmidt of Australia contributed to the discovery that the universe is not only expanding but also speeding up.

The finding led to the now widely accepted theory of dark energy, a mysterious force that repels gravity. Measurements show that dark energy accounts for about 74 percent of the substance of the universe.

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The Aurora Australis (Southern lights) as seen from the International Space Station.

Magnetic activity on the sun has really been running on high gear recently and while it hasn’t caused any problems so far, skywatchers around the world are being treated to some exceptionally energetic aurorae — and the same goes for the skywatchers in orbit!

That’s so like the Southern Hemisphere to steal all the really awesome views and not send any beautiful magnetic storms up here. Gah.

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Einstein’s theory still correct (sort of)
Physicists have observed evidence of gravitational redshift from distant galaxy clusters, confirming a key prediction of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

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NASA’s WISE Mission Captures Black Hole’s Wildly Flaring Jet

Astronomers using NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) have captured rare data of a flaring black hole, revealing new details about these powerful objects and their blazing jets.

Scientists study jets to learn more about the extreme environments around black holes. Much has been learned about the material feeding black holes, called accretion disks, and the jets themselves, through studies using X-rays, gamma rays and radio waves. But key measurements of the brightest part of the jets, located at their bases, have been difficult despite decades of work. WISE is offering a new window into this missing link through its infrared observations.

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Dense knots of dust in otherwise normal galaxies dim the light of a dark gamma-ray burst. The dust absorbs most or all of a burst’s visible light but not higher-energy X-rays and gamma rays. Credit NASA/Swift/Aurore Simonnet

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Colorful Orion

The Great Nebula in Orion is a colorful place. Visible to the unaided eye as a fuzzy patch in the constellation of Orion, this image taken with the Big Throughput Camera shows the Orion Nebula to be a busy neighborhood of young stars, hot gas, and dark dust.

Credit: Gary Bernstein (U. Michigan)

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16 New Super-Earths Just Discovered

Astronomers using Europe’s HARPS telescope have discovered 50 new exoplanets orbiting nearby stars - including these 16 super-Earths, one of which lies within its star’s habitable zone.

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Chinese Scientists Plan to Pull an Asteroid into Orbit Around Earth f


Last week Chinese scientists wanted to divert an asteroid away from Earth. This week, they want to pull one into orbit around the Earth. What’s possible objections could anyone have to this idea?

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The ISS crew can clearly see the border between India and Pakistan. Special surveillance lightning make the division between both countries look orange from space.

Source: NASA/Reuters

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Amazing eclipse photo from last June’s lunar eclipse. This one was taken over Greece during a thunderstorm by Chris Kotsiopoulos.

You can see the faded red moon in the upper middle. Wow.

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